Valtorta Easy Print


High mechanical precision: - drives controlled by brush-less motors, head height adjustment on high precision linear guides,  adjustment of the print cylinders and application roller nip on high precision linear guides.


High precision printing because of the precise electronic control with: - high definition electronic longitudinal phase adjustment, possible with machine in operation, - very precise pattern synchronization, which enables the printing of geometrical drawings and half tones, - storage of the electronic cylinder phase adjustment with possibility of selecting the pre-stored pattern number,- user-friendly error diagnostics,- possibility of working with reground rubber application rollers with different diameters one to the other.

 VALTORTA EASY PRINT- the printing machine suitable for the reproduction of wood, marble or decorative designs on MDF panels, hardboard panels, veneer, PVC, or on plastic materials. The application process is based on offset indirect printing; the steel photoengraved roller transfers the pattern onto the rubber coated application roller, which prints it on the workpiece. The printing can be with one, two or three colors, according to the requested pattern and quality level required. The individual printing heads work in perfect synchronization, combining the different colors for a very natural result. In case of multi-color printing, each machine is linked to the others by means of an electronic control, which controls and synchronizes the different drives of each machine.

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