Longer lamp life due to constant power feed.


Higher constancy in the emission values of the lamp.


Lower power consumption because of the higher efficiency of the electric power supply compared to a standard transformer.


Possibility of instant half power intervention of the lamps with optimization of the power consumption particularly in case of lines running step by step.


Balanced load on the three phases.



UV DRYER POLIEDRA - the UV dryer suitable for the 3D polymerization.In case of spraying applications, the UV dryer needs to activate the polymerization of the lacquer layer applied onto the work-piece edges. To achieve this, Superfici has developed UV modular units with special reflectors. The special geometry of the reflector of the POLIEDRA UV modular unit achieves a more uniform distribution of the UV irradiation both on the surface and on the edges. In this way by using one single lamp inclined towards the work-piece feed direction, it is possible to cure the surface, all work-piece edges and all moulded surfaces.

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