Versatility of the modular system


High focal yield of the reflector mod. Labes, developed by Superfici to achieve a high concentration of the UV rays together with a wide versatility in the applications.


Possibility of step-less adjustment of the UV lamp power.


Excellent reliability of the power supply.

Wide range of available modules.


SELECURE – selective radiation curing – is the best technological solution in the field of photo-polymerization by UV irradiation. The radiating equipment is based on a modular system with a single radiating source. Modules are in anodized aluminum. The hinged covering and  door allow an easy access and check of reflector and lamp. All modules are available with reflector swiveling and half power devices, in case of emergency line stop, necessary to prevent substrates and conveyor from overheating and to protect the radiating source from an early aging due to repeated ignitions. The system is suitable to be installed on cross bar or belt conveyors.

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