Controlled drying parameters


Multi-level system


Ventilation system with controlled air recycling.


SIX TRAY DRYER CONTIVERT ETC 1 – the dryer is suitable for flash off or drying cycles with laminar airflow .The drying time is from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the speed of the finishing line. The dryer is equipped with 6 belt trays enclosed in the drying chamber; trays are moved by a proper up-stroke and down-stroke movement device.

The up/down movement cyclically brings each tray to the same level of the loading and unloading Position where the in-feed of wet work-pieces and the out-feed of dried work-pieces are synchronized to the line speed.

The semi-closed ventilation circuit with heating coil and filters achieves a controlled air flow, which is guided between trays by precise openings and side closing fences.

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