Compact 3 P (Paper)

Production quality guaranteed by the application in two steps achieved by the DOUBLE ARM RECIPROCATOR, and by the PRESSURIZED CABIN with double filtration system at the air inlet and wide filtering roof all over the cabin.


Easy use and consistency in the production quality achieved by the software OPTISPRAY which controls the spraying parameters.



The automatic spraying machine COMPACT 3 P, gives all the advantages of the  automatic spraying process, while achieving a high flexibility level.


The machine has a  reciprocator with double arms sliding on high precision guides. The pressurized down draft spraying cabin features a controlled ventilating system and access windows on both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance. The electronic control (available with PLC, or PC control) of the spraying area allows the detection of the pieces and it controls the opening and closing of the spray guns.

The central belt conveyor within the spraying area features a paper protection system with winding and unwinding devices.


The machine can also be equipped with lacquer feeding system with a small lacquer container positioned on board of the spraying arm.


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