Airblade Dryer


High efficiency of the system thanks to the special design of the collecting hood, which achieves an optimized heat exchange.


Possibility of installing the infrared lamps with different wave lengths between the air blades to achieve a combined action of irradiation/hot air.


Uniform air distribution on the whole panel surface.


Low energy consumption thanks to the adjustable air recycling device.


Air speed adjustable by shutters or inverter.

automatic air temperature adjustment.


Air Jet Dryers and Industrial Drying Equipment


The air blade dryer is a flat dryer working with hot air at high speed. The heated air is conveyed into a special-design collecting hood, which feeds the air blades with the highest uniformity and the minimum losses. The air blades blow air perpendicular to the work-piece surface with a uniform distribution on the whole width. Thanks to its high efficiency, the dryer is normally used for fast flash off cycles or for the drying of water-borne lacquers or stains. The dryer can eventually also be equipped with infrared lamps placed in-between the blades to accelerate the drying process

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