Superfici America, located in Concord, NC, is a subsidiary of Superfici Italy.  We offer a comprehensive range of Finishing and Sanding products and services, which meet the high demand of our customers in various industries throughout North America.


Our innovative and technical machinery solutions help manufacturers looking to automate their sanding and finishing processes.  We offer unparalleled experience in sanding and finishing, with a complete range of systems for all types of materials; wood, metal, glass, plastics, and composites (cement fiberboard, fiberglass, MDF, particle board, hardboard, foam boards, and solid surface tops).


Superfici has assisted many companies within the following industries:


Wood Sector

  • Office Furniture, Building Products, Architectural Millwork, Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, Window and Doors, Store Fixtures, Housing Products, Flooring

Metal Sector

  • Aerospace, Automotive, Fabricators, Signs, Displays, Laser Job shops, Stainless Steel Processors, Steel Process and Service Centers, various other metal working custom components.

Plastic / Glass / Composites

  • Building Materials, Signage, Decorative Products, Household Components


Superfici stands for innovation, technical experience, and customized solutions.